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The Medlin Law Firm Provides Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers in Fort Worth TX

Fort Worth, TX – Facing an accusation of wrongdoing is often scary, confusing, and an emotional roller coaster. When it happens, the smartest thing to do is to look for qualified legal help from a dynamic and compassionate attorney. The Medlin Law Firm pairs each client with a highly skilled Criminal justice attorney who empathetically consults with them to determine the case objectives, analyze every detail of the case, and work to build a solid legal strategy aligned with the client’s wishes and goals. The firm has a combined experience of 84 years with the benefit of a singular focus on criminal defense and no other type of law. Its practice areas include violent crimes, drugs, DWI defense, assault, gun crimes, domestic violence, and theft.

The company representative said, “The confidence that you’re represented by the most qualified attorney available for your criminal defense is vital to your case. At The Medlin Law Firm, they want you to know you can trust them to act in your best interests and handle every aspect of your case with professionalism, ethics, and transparency.”

Criminal accusations can befall anybody, including students. The most common criminal charges that students in Fort Worth, TX, face involve alcohol, such as underage possession of alcohol, possession of illegal drugs, unlawfully purchasing or providing alcohol to a minor, driving while intoxicated, and underage consumption of alcohol.

Students can destroy their reputations when they’re found to be in violation of the school’s code of conduct. This could also potentially undo all the academic gains and risk their graduation and future career. However, an experienced defense attorney from The Medlin Law Firm criminal attorney could work to protect the student and their rights while providing practical legal advice and guidance.

There are many factors to consider when facing a DWI charge in Fort Worth, Texas. For example, is it a first, second, or third offense? Was a child under 15 years old in the vehicle? Were there open containers in the car, and did a drunk driver cause an accident or injure someone? Each of these factors represents a different outcome. It is pretty overwhelming dealing with all this alone without an experienced Fort Worth DWI lawyer to give legal guidance, conduct a full assessment of the case, and review all the evidence the state plans to present.

The Medlin Law Firm criminal lawyer goes a step further and independently conducts a full investigation and gathers evidence and witnesses for the case, which helps to alleviate many of their clients’ worries and concerns. They ensure that their clients do not navigate the delicate and challenging process alone but support them every step of the way.

To request a free case evaluation, visit their website or call (682) 204-4066 to speak to a customer representative. The firm is located at 1300 S University Dr #318, Fort Worth, TX, 76107, USA.

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