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Thick Bodied Medium Roast Espresso Coffee: Premium Organic Blend Announced

Featuring premium espresso blends that are derived from organically grown coffee beans, GoCoffeeGo’s latest additions to their inventory, which include The Boss Espresso Blend, are suitable for barista-style coffee. The blends can be used for a number of drinks, including ristretto, espresso macchiato, and cafe latte.

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The announcement reflects a growing preference for espresso-based beverages over traditional drip coffee, along with an increasing interest in gourmet varieties. According to statistics released by the National Coffee Association, consumption of cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites had increased by 50% by 2020, a number that continues to climb today.

Despite the recent popularity of espresso drinks, there are still many misconceptions about the definition of an espresso, says GoCoffeeGo. Rather than a type of roast, espresso is a method of brewing coffee, and the serving, concentration of grinds, time after extraction, and what the shot is ultimately mixed with all determine the type of beverage that is made.

For a versatile blend that can be used in many types of espresso-based drinks, GoCoffeeGo recommends The Boss Espresso Blend, which is provided by the award-winning Barefoot Coffee Roasters. This is a medium-roasted coffee with a thick body and a sweet, clean acidity. The blend is made from both naturally processed and washed beans from Brazil and Costa Rica, resulting in notes of toasted hazelnuts, bittersweet chocolate, graham crackers, vanilla, and black cherry.

When using The Boss Espresso Blend for shots, GoCoffeeGo suggests a dosage of 18 to 20 grams, depending on the size of the basket; an extraction time of 25 to 28 seconds; and a shot weight of 30 to 33 grams. The coffee is available in bag sizes of 12 oz., 2.5 lbs., and 5 lbs.

About GoCoffeeGo

GoCoffeeGo began in 2008 as the first marketplace for niche specialty coffee. Their online store has since grown into one of the largest of its kind, and it has served over 10 million customers to date. GoCoffeeGo’s products are roasted on the day they are to be shipped, ensuring optimal freshness and taste when the customer receives them.

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