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This Is The End Of This World 2023

Slidell, Louisiana Jul 26, 2023 ( – James Dunne, GOD’S prophet and reincarnation of the first person on Earth. Is going to announce THE END OF OUR WORLD AS WE KNOW IT. This has been on everyone’s minds the last few years and their long wait is just about over. Please read this in all languages so all can be free of THE BIGGEST LIE OF ALL TIME. Roughly about 2023 years to be exact.

Our country and world are both at the crossroad of being forever changed from the country and world we all know and love. I James Dunne, the prophet of GOD tell you today 6/11/2023. That the Democrats will STEAL this next election and that will trigger the END OF OUR EVERYTHING. With FULL CONTROL the Democrats, far leftists, globalists, and EVERY SINGLE CRIMINAL in our countries. Will turn our EARTH our EDEN into a completely woke RULING CLASS and the non-woke in RETRAINING CAMPS. And our CHILDREN are being indoctrinated into their WOKE LIFESTYLE.

The only way to stop them and save our EARTH is to turn away from Jesus Christ and actually worship OUR TRUE LORD GOD. I have clearly laid out that Jesus Christ is not and has never been God. The same goes for pretty much every other religion on EARTH. The Bible tells us that the Israelites are God’s chosen people. AND THAT IS WRONG They are just the people that chose to follow OUR TRUE LORD GOD. And that makes the original sin of GREED CORRUPTED PEOPLE OF EARTH hate them to the point of whipping them from the face of EARTH. These people OPENING CALL for their lives and they are cheered on here by the DEMOCRATS. So what do you think they will do to ISRAEL and every single JEWISH person on EARTH?!

Yes, I James Dunne, prophet of GOD tell you today 6/11/2023 that the Election of 2024 will be the literal END OF OUR COUNTRY, OUR WORLD, AND OUR EARTH. They will take all of your FREEDOMS so they can better protect YOU. They will use forced STERILIZATION to control our numbers. I truly believe THEY have already started this program using the COVID-19 VACCINE. We won’t see the problem until our children of today can’t have their own children tomorrow.

We can with THE POWER OF OUR LORD GOD on our side. FIX every broken system on our EARTH. I James Dunne, the prophet of GOD tell you today 6/11/2023. That I am the reincarnation of THE FIRST PERSON ON EARTH. And OUR LORD GOD has charged me with GETTING RID OF THE GREED THAT IS DESTROYING OUR EARTH. Once I have GREED put in CHECK we can turn OUR EARTH BACK INTO EDEN. We will use clean-burning HYDROGEN POWER. OUR OCEANS AND SEAS WILL SUPPLY US WITH CLEAN DRINKING WATER. ALL OF THIS WILL BE POWERED BY WIND AND SOLAR WE ALREADY HAVE. We can finally have a WORLD WITHOUT WANT. And I promised my DEAR SWEET WIFE that I would show her a WORLD WITHOUT WANT. Together WE can save OUR CHILDREN, OUR WOMEN, OUR MEN, OUR GOVERNMENT, OUR COUNTRY, OUR WORLD, OUR EARTH. AND OUR EDEN.

So please just think about what I am saying. Because you know damn well the other guys don’t want you thinking about or questioning anything in their FAKE RELIGIONS. Please follow me to OUR TRUE LORD GOD at All the money raised will be used to build our church to OUR TRUE LORD GOD and to spread the word while taking down GREED in all of its forms. I truly believe in the ACTUAL GOD-LOVING PEOPLE OF AMERICA AND THE WORLD. WE CAN DO THIS, PLEASE JUST HAVE FAITH IN GOD AND PLEASE HAVE FAITH IN THE FAITH OUR LORD GOD HAS PUT IN ME.

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