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TimeXtender Launches XPilot, An AI-Powered Data Integration Co-Pilot

Aarhus, Arhus Jul 27, 2023 ( – TimeXtender has announced the launch of XPilot, a ChatGPT-powered data integration co-pilot that can be used in conjunction with their holistic data integration tool. XPilot will allow TimeXtender users to ask questions and find relevant content while they are working with the holistic tool, providing answers to common questions and troubleshooting errors in real-time. Designed as a single point of entry for TimeXtender users in need of assistance, XPilot is meant to be a co-pilot for TimeXtender users, acting as a user manual and knowledge base combined into one convenient solution.

“I’m super excited to be able to directly leverage the incredible technology of ChatGPT to help us enable our customers in a truly engaging way,” said Joseph Treadwell, Head of Partner & Customer Success at TimeXtender. “What makes XPilot so cool is you can keep a chat open right beside your TimeXtender instance and ask it questions while you work!”

XPilot was developed internally by TimeXtender employees, including Solution Specialist Harish Kundachery Mechery, who emphasized the significance of this new tool and its potential impact on user support through the integration of large language model (LLM) and artificial intelligence (AI):

“Without a doubt, LLM and AI are the next big things happening in the world of technology. As pioneers in innovation, TimeXtender decided to integrate capabilities of AI and LLM into our suite of products and services,” said Harish. “An AI-powered chat assistant for data integration was chosen as the pilot program, and within a few weeks, XPilot was born. We are excited to be at the forefront of this technological revolution and look forward to continuing to innovate and lead the way in this field. What we have now is just the tip of the iceberg.”

XPilot is intended to increase customer satisfaction, reduce time to value, and improve ease of use when working with the TimeXtender holistic data integration tool. While it is currently in the public beta testing phase, XPilot will continue to be updated and improved into a robust and intuitive application that will house all the information found in previous TimeXtender knowledge base articles, community forums, and user support tickets. TimeXtender users will be able to access all support ticket answers and solutions through XPilot, providing instant responses to their queries.

“Automation has always been the fundamental cornerstone of TimeXtender. ‘Automate anything that can be automated’ has long been our motto,” said Heine Krog Iversen, TimeXtender Founder & CEO. “Today, with our public beta for XPilot, we take the initial crucial step of making our collective knowledge accessible to all our customers, with a prompt right at their fingertips. Over time, XPilot will expand into other aspects of our offerings, automating and simplifying access to metadata, suggesting design patterns, and resolving integration issues. The only limit to where this can lead us is our collective imagination – ours and that of our community. We will continue to be driven by the same purpose, only now we’ll be able to make things even simpler and increase productivity from 10x to 100x in the coming years.”

XPilot is available for all current TimeXtender users and will be integrated into all future TimeXtender software update releases.


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