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Toronto Styrene-free CIPP Trenchless Pipe Lining & Rehab Case Study Announced

National Liner, a network of certified cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) installers throughout the United States and Canada, supplied the non-woven polyester felt tubes used for this trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

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The CIPP specialists supplied the installation team with the polyester felt tubes, which were impregnated with a styrene-free monomer and shipped to the installation site in refrigerated trucks.

National Liner contributed to rehabilitating about 700 feet of pipe and culverts that empty stormwater into Don River, which empties into Toronto’s only drinking water source – Lake Ontario.

While most sewers, storm drains, and culverts were first installed in the early 20th century, modern infrastructure has made repairs more expensive and harder to implement. The price to completely replace one of these aging pipes can cause significant disruption.

National Liner LLC arms contractors with high-quality materials that meet or exceed ASTM standards. In addition to CIPP products, the company provides research, material development, and ongoing technical support that certified CIPP installers can rely on.

In the case of the Toronto Project, National Liner’s tubes were used with EcoTek vinyl ester resin. The project was in response to the degradation and failure of a 30-inch section of pipe that resulted in flooding an apartment building and a golf course.

Since 1992 the company’s partner contractors have successfully installed nearly 30 million feet of CIPP liner, providing system owners with high-performing rehabilitated pipes that last for decades.

National Liner’s CIPP liners have been installed in more than 18 million feet of pipe. These pipe liners are engineered with a 50-year design life that economically rehabilitates old, damaged pipes.

In close partnership with liner manufacturers, the company works with contractors to troubleshoot issues on the field and off, ensuring successful installations with high-performing results for even the most challenging projects.

The variety of supply materials available and the knowledge the company has gained from 25 years of experience allow CIPP installers to have varying options that ensure their ability to adapt to any unique job situation or application.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The National Liner LLC cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) products are a proven, cost-effective trenchless pipeline rehabilitation system.”

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