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Triumphant Return: SERES 5 European Grand Tour Concludes on a High Note

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The first European Grand Tour for SERES, a leading power in Chinas intelligent electric vehicle industry, has successfully wrapped up. Covering over 10,000 kilometers and 21 countries in a span of 23 days, the tour served as a comprehensive test for the companys new energy strategy model, the SERES 5, evaluating its power, performance, safety, range, charging capabilities, driving control, and intelligence.

SERES 5s Europe Grand Tour successfully wraps up.
SERES 5s Europe Grand Tour successfully wraps up.

With the goal of rigorously testing the car's capabilities and providing authentic user experiences, the SERES 5 embarked on its European Grand Tour from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Enduring diverse climates, with temperature variations of up to 25 degrees Celsius, and traversing nearly ten different road conditions, the tour passed through Norway, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and 16 other European countries, before returning to the Netherlands.

Throughout the journey, the SERES 5 Grand Tour fleet garnered significant attention from European consumers, with many expressing strong interest in the vehicle's performance. Local media in countries such as France, Italy, and Germany also conducted test drives, experiencing the unique smart driving features of Chinese new energy vehicles.

SERES 5 Fleet during the Europe Grand Tour
SERES 5 Fleet during the Europe Grand Tour

The quality performance of the SERES 5 during its European Grand Tour exceeded expectations. It demonstrated remarkable endurance, traveling over 10,000 kilometers through challenging terrains like mud, snow, urban areas, and unrestricted highways. The vehicle's charging adaptability was also commendable, successfully utilizing 95% of Europe's charging facilities across the 21 countries visited, fully satisfying the travel needs of European users. Additionally, the driving experience was tailored to meet the preferences of individual drivers, providing them with a more enriching and enjoyable journey. Trond Sandven, the founder of Norwegian dealership Sandven AS, praised the SERES 5 as an outstanding vehicle, surpassing its European competitors in terms of performance.

SERES 5 Tests its Stability in Germanys No-speed-limit Freeway
SERES 5 Tests its Stability in Germanys No-speed-limit Freeway

During the European Grand Tour, the SERES 5 achieved another milestone by completing the delivery ceremony to its first European customers, marking another successful step in SERES Motors' new energy international expansion. At the delivery ceremony, Andreas Bakkerud, SERES 5s first owner in Norway and the celebrated rally driver and winner of the FIA European Rallycross Championship for two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012, expressed his high satisfaction with the vehicle's efficiency, superb handling on bumpy roads, and attractive balance between weight and power. He expressed a strong desire to own the car immediately after experiencing it. The vehicle's performance in track mode was also impressive, showcasing its ability to accelerate continuously 20 times without noticeable power decline.

As a sporty and luxurious electric SUV, the SERES 5 has been well-received by European consumers since its debut at the Brussels Motor Show earlier in the year. Its distinctive appearance, cutting-edge design, premium materials, outstanding performance, and advanced intelligence have earned it a dedicated following in the European market. The European Grand Tour further reinforced the SERES 5's reputation for excellent adaptability, remarkable performance, driving comfort, and intelligent leadership across all the European countries it visited.

Moving forward, SERES Motors remains committed to providing exceptional service to its users and supporting the growth of the European new energy automotive market. The company will continue to introduce various types of new energy vehicle products to overseas markets, delivering safer, more comfortable, and intelligent driving experiences for customers.

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