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Trumbull Dental Cleanings & Periodontal Treatment, General Dentistry Update

The updated services include all types of preventive dentistry services, including prophylaxis and oral cancer screenings. Dr. Worthington and his team are committed to helping more individuals follow a strict dental hygiene routine, which may prevent oral health conditions, such as tooth decay or oral cancer, from occurring.

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As part of its updated services, Worthington Advanced Dentistry offers comprehensive dental exams, which the practice recommends be performed twice a year. During the procedure, a dental hygienist will remove plaque and tartar from each tooth while examining for any possible signs of decay or cavity formation. If any abnormality is found, a certain treatment would be recommended.

Dental exams are the simplest ways to immediately detect tooth decay or gum disease. It is important that these oral health problems are detected early so that they can be treated right away and prevent further damage. Individuals who generally have no oral health complaints can maintain good dental hygiene by receiving a dental exam every six months. However, individuals with bleeding gums or painful teeth should see their dentist as soon as possible.

Dr. Worthington explains that general dentistry can prevent periodontitis, a painful gum infection that may destroy the bone supporting the teeth if left untreated. While the disease is considered serious, it is preventable as well. Good oral hygiene, including brushing one’s teeth twice a day, flossing, and regularly having a dental exam, may significantly reduce the risk of periodontitis.

Dr. Worthington, through his practice, has served thousands of local residents for almost four decades. Aside from general dentistry, he also offers restorative and cosmetic dentistry services.

Worthington Advanced Dentistry also accepts same-day appointments.

A spokesperson for the practice says, “Dr. Worthington is known for his remarkable expertise and talent, he is Fairfield county’s premier dentist. Recognized for his natural aptitude and skill in dentistry, along with his understanding and caring approach to his profession – simply affirms his continuing commitment to producing only the best that dentistry has to offer to all of his patients.”

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