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Trust Stamp announces company has been issued its 18th US patent

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Trust Stamp CTO Scott Francis joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share important patent-related news. The company has recently received a Notice of Issuance from the US Patent Office, along with a Notice of Allowance, for two patents titled "Systems and Processes for Lossy Biometric Representation."

These patents represent a significant addition to Trust Stamp's intellectual property portfolio and mark the eighteenth and nineteenth patents issued to the company. In addition to these issued patents, Trust Stamp has twelve patent applications currently pending.

The core focus of these patents is to expand Trust Stamp's technology related to the tokenization of biometric data. Tokenization is a process that converts sensitive data, such as biometric information, into a non-sensitive equivalent while retaining its original meaning and utility. This approach allows for secure storage and processing of biometric data without exposing it to unnecessary risks.

Francis emphasized the growing awareness among regulators, consumers, and enterprises regarding the risks associated with AI decision-making tools and the storage of biometric images and templates.

Trust Stamp's proprietary tokenization technology offers a solution that addresses these concerns. By utilizing tokenization, Trust Stamp can safeguard biometric data while extending its usefulness. This development is significant in the broader context of data security and privacy.

With the increasing reliance on biometric data for various applications, including identity verification and authentication, ensuring the protection and responsible handling of this sensitive information is paramount.

Trust Stamp's ongoing work in biometric tokenization aligns with the evolving landscape of data protection and privacy regulations, providing a safer and more secure approach to managing biometric data.

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