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Tulsa Helical Pier Installation & Concrete Foundation Repair Service Expands

The expansion brings company’s PowerLift technology to new locations across Tulsa, offering homeowners and businesses a long-term solution to building foundation stability issues in residential and commercial structures.

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With this announcement, Powerlift Foundation Repair wants to stress the importance of early detection foundation cracks and other structural issues. The company notes that it is common for many homes and commercial buildings in central Oklahoma to develop cracks due to the high concentration of clay in the soil.

The company, which serves the Tulsa Metro area, encourages property owners to schedule an inspection to evaluate the structural integrity of their homes and businesses.

“Clay soil tends to expand due to the frequent swings in temperatures in the region,” explains a company representative, “and that can cause the development of cracks in concrete. Rapid temperature swings can also cause the concrete itself to expand and contract. This can lead to the development of small cracks.”

Not all cracks can be a concern, explains the company, but some can be, and they are sometimes hard to locate or assess. Powerlift Foundation Repair engineers can help clients with highlighting high-risk sections of their buildings and provide mitigation solutions that can help prevent the development of cracks in the future.

The company utilizes a patented lifting system for foundations and interior floor slabs to lift and stabilize the foundations of almost all kinds of structures. The powerlift system It also offers clients the installation of helical piers that are manufactured in-house. This system can lift over 100 piers at a time and 250 piers simultaneously. Powerlift for residential buildings can lift 105,000 lbs per pier and its commercial system has a driving and lifting capacity of up to 300,000 lbs per pier.

Powerlift Foundation Repair also utilizes various other methods to improve the structural integrity of buildings. Some of them include high-density polyurethane foam injection for settled concrete and Mudjacking to fill voids beneath concrete slabs.

A satisfied customer said: “Powerlift Foundation Repair’s crew was very professional when they inspected our house. They did a great job lifting the corner of our house that had settled.”

Powerlift Foundation Repair is a structure foundation repair contractor, serving the Tulsa Metro area and beyond. With its many years of experience, it has developed effective power lift methods to repair foundations and thus earn the trust of Tulsa’s community.

Interested parties can schedule an inspection at:

Powerlift Foundation Repair

3217 S 211th E Ave #5142

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