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Unanimous Call For Adoption Of New International Law Into The United Nations At Recent HWPL Commemoration Event

HWPL members and peace advocates hold up Peace Letters for President Putin

Heavenly Culture, World Peace and the Restoration of Light (HWPL) held its 7th Commemoration of the Declaration of Peace and the Cessation of War (DPCW) on March 18th, 2023 in Chicago for the first time since the pandemic in person and virtually.

Chicago, Illinois Mar 25, 2023 ( – The program of the day centered on the DPCW, a legislative document comprising 10 articles and 38 clauses, which has been promoted by the Chairman of HWPL, Lee Man-hee, during his peace tours as the answer to achieving peace and leaving this legacy for the future generations. Brian Chitambira, who regularly serves as the moderator for HWPL Chicago WARP Office Dialogues, opened the event and HWPL was introduced with a video of its activities across the world displaying how each initiative is being carried out in various regions. These initiatives include the Legislate Peace Project (DPCW), Interfaith Dialogues through the WARP Office, and Peace Education Project.

After a brief video on the Peace Education project, and an implementation of article 10 of the DPCW, the Chairman of HWPL, Lee Man-hee, was introduced to deliver remarks for the commemoration event.

During his remarks, Chairman Lee addressed his reason for doing the work of peace even at his advanced age, saying “even the work of HWPL that I’m doing today – I didn’t start on my own. The one above is using me like a tool for His work.” He also shared his experiences during the peace tours, which included photo requests due to the bright light others had seen above him and the reception he received: “Everyone wanted peace. I have gone on 32 world peace tours and no one refused peace.”

He exhorted everyone to love in order to attain peace and live together in unity, saying “Peace is the best. Even if you have peace on your own, that’s not peace. If everyone practiced peace, practiced love, there would be no more conflict, no more fighting.”

Following Chairman Lee’s speech, photos were shared of past peace activities done across the world. Impacted by the ongoing war in Ukraine by the Russian Federation, members of HWPL participated in signing letters that will be sent to Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, to urge him to stop the war and initiate peace instead for the sake of the youth who are dying on the battlefield. To date, over 580,000 letters have been sent to national leaders of 193 countries by HWPL’s Legislate Peace Project.

Pastor Sanford, who participates in the online WARP dialogues shared what drew him to continue attending, “That’s what really got my attention – the fact that nobody’s debating, nobody’s arguing, even though we believe different faiths, we come together in one common mind, and we can appreciate each other’s perspective. And it’s peaceful, it’s loving, it’s friendly, it’s warm, it’s nice.”

Near the conclusion of the commemoration event, Dr. Lynne Muhammad, an HWPL member who is also a peace educator, shared her perspective on peace within the United States of America. “The Department of Defense’s money is there no matter what, education is second or third.” Advocating for a sustainable solution for peace, Dr. Lynne emphasized that “peace education is critical, the DPCW is critical. All these things that the Chairman put in place are critical.”

Other attendees also shared their impacts from the program:

Dr. Ram Krishna Shah said: “North America, and all over the world support HWPL because it is good for peace and good for human beings… we want this program to be seen in the United Nations.” When asked whether the DPCW should be supported by the United Nations (UN), it was a unanimous yes. Pastor Sanford said, “I think the United Nations should support this organization because it stands for peace. That’s clear and simple. And the bigger picture is that the diverse nationalities and religions are united as one in peace.”

When describing what peace looks like to her, Veronica Williams said it would be “to preserve our future, which is our children, and let them know that we can obtain peace.

Moderator Chitambira concluded by reminding everyone that the whole point of life is to preserve life, and echoing how the Chairman of HWPL concludes his messages, stating “wherever we are and whatever we do, we are one.”

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HWPL members and peace advocates hold up We Are One poseHWPL 7th Commemoration of the DPCW in Chicago

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