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Union City, NJ No Elevator Apartment Movers, Dining Room Packing Guide Released

Moving experts agree: when packing up a house for a relocation it is recommended to start with the room that is least used. As such, has published a guide, titled “How to Pack a Dining Room Set”, as they believe most dining rooms are rarely used, but also challenging to pack because they are furnished with some of the most treasured and expensive items.

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In the new guide, offers advice on how to disassemble, pack, and load the dining room set onto a truck, for those movers planning a DIY move. Packing supplies for both hardwood tables and glass tabletops are also covered.

While the dining room is one of the easiest rooms to pack, understands that, given both the sentimental and monetary value of the dining room set, this is a task many homeowners find daunting. To prevent damage to the dining room table and chairs, the guide first recommends disassembling the furniture for easier and more space-efficient transportation.

For glass tabletops, recommends wrapping the entire piece with moving pads and then bubble wrap. While the bubble wrap protects the glass from scratches and more serious damage, the pads will prevent the bubble wrap from leaving impressions on the glass.

For wooden tables, the guide suggests using pads or moving blankets instead, or before, wrapping the table with plastic to avoid moisture damage. Wax can be applied to protect the wood from scratches.

Taking photos of the dining room set before disassembly is also recommended to make the reassembly process easier and have proof of condition in case any of the items get damaged.

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