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University Access Management Design Consultants: MFA System Setup Expands

The team’s expanded service is available to both virtual and traditional campuses for the design and implementation of cloud identity management systems. Azure IAM creates these systems using a variety of technologies, including Microsoft-certified products and several independently developed solutions.

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Azure IAM has updated its services to help its clients in the education sector protect important student records, including financial and medical information. This information is often the target of direct or indirect hacking attempts, including phishing attacks, social engineering, and password spraying, all of which the team can help defend against.

To achieve this, the security architects at Azure IAM can build access management systems from the ground up, or migrate existing systems onto newer, more robust software. They use Microsoft Azure and Azure Active Directory to provide administrators with an easy access point to all security operations and to minimize the end user’s interactions with AM systems.

The company’s team is experts in identity consolidation, a measure that has been shown to increase accountability on-network and reduce the resources necessary to manage a large cloud network. By consolidating the multiple digital identities of a user into a single access token, these systems can also reduce the number of security checks needed.

These solutions are available for both on-premise and cloud-based desynchronized operations. Using systems such as Yubikey or the Microsoft Authenticator App, Azure IAM can help their clients un-silo their data, improve their network speeds, and create more responsive digital infrastructure, all without sacrificing network security.

Prospective clients in the education sector can also use these services to establish powerful multi-factor authentication (MFA) systems, which can protect email servers – a notoriously vulnerable component of many digital ecosystems – from threats both internal and external.

These solutions are provided and supported by a team of experienced access management and digital security experts, who have over 75 years of combined experience among them. They are certified in the design, implementation, and maintenance of Microsoft Azure software, and are available to provide their services to organizations of all sizes.

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