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Visual Branding Strategy For Customer Trust & Brand Authenticity, Report Launch

As small businesses continue to look for cost-effective ways to gain customers’ attention, LO:LA highlights how visual branding can maximize name recognition and build customer loyalty. In their latest report, the agency discusses the vital roles elements like colors, typography, and shapes play in shaping customers’ perceptions and how companies can utilize these visual elements to improve brand awareness.

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LO:LA explains that visual branding extends beyond logos and taglines, to include even the subtle placement of images and use of elements that enhance customer experience as they browse the website or interact with the business on social media sites.

Major corporations–from Dove to GoPro and Coca-Cola to Apple–understand the powerful impact of visuals in building brands that inspire customer trust. LO:LA believes that small businesses can learn from these companies and implement the same strategies to improve recognition.

To begin, the guide suggests that business owners first identify the type of message they want to convey and the emotions they intend to evoke in customers. Further, it recommends creating aesthetically pleasing content since people are more likely to share it on social media, thus helping the brand reach new audiences.

The agency explains that visual branding is a key component of any rebranding campaign and acknowledges the fears many owners have about losing their customers while going through the process. To address this, it recommends that owners dig into their customer data to gain a better understanding of what customers want and how this can guide their efforts.

“The message of your brand always needs to be clear. As long as you understand your clients, you will know what they want and how to use visual branding to improve,” a representative says. “Remember, you are doing this because your customers expect more.”

As a branding agency, LO:LA helps businesses of all sizes develop a unique identity that reflects their values, mission, and offerings. It combines the flexibility, attention, and cost-effectiveness of a small independent shop with the capabilities and expertise of a big agency to help companies build a brand that customers trust.

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