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Waco 2023 Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings From Master Jeweler Announced

The recently launched collection features lab-grown diamonds cut in ten different shapes, from more traditional round and princess cuts to “fancy” shapes like the marquise and heart cuts. They can be set in white, yellow, or rose gold, and platinum.

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Di’Amore Fine Jeweler’s comes amid increased awareness of the benefits of lab-grown diamonds. According to a recent Vogue article, lab-grown gems solve the age-old problem with diamonds: they are not sustainable and have been the reason for many human rights and environmental issues. Lab-grown diamonds are man-made, so they are 100% conflict-free and eco-friendly.

Previously, even the best lab-grown diamonds got passed over for mined ones because many customers felt like they were not “real diamonds.” Di’Amore Fine Jewelers states that customers might consider lab-grown for their own everyday jewelry but are less likely to go that route when buying special items like gifts and engagement rings because they are considered lower-quality gems.

However, the diamond industry has evolved in the last decade, with customers becoming more socially conscious and practical with their choices. Extensive marketing, and the fact that government agencies like the FTC have released statements about the authenticity of lab-grown diamonds, added to their appeal.

Di’Amore Fine Jewelers’ offers a wide range of mined and lab-grown diamonds but admits that for customers who want wider options, lab-grown is the way to go. The diamond industry has opened up in recent years, and companies have more competition now, which leads to more choices and better prices for the consumer.

A common misconception is that lab-grown diamonds are the same as simulated diamonds, like cubic zirconia or moissanite, but these two products are made from different chemical compounds, whereas lab-grown diamonds are made of pure carbon. Di’Amore Fine Jewelers explains that lab-grown diamonds are diamonds down to the atomic level. They have the same physical and optical qualities that manufacturers had to invent special technology and hardware to tell the difference.

Even with 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry, the master jewelers at Di’Amore Fine Jewelers state that with the naked eye, under a jeweler’s loupe or even a microscope, lab-grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds.

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