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Water Efficiency Consulting: Industrial Plant Cost Optimization Solution Update

As water and sewer expenses grow year after year, industrial plants must find effective water efficiency solutions to minimize operational costs. Onsite Utility Services Capital’s updated services present innovative strategies to help industrial plants control these costs while staying within the regulations set by their state for water and sewer maintenance.

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With its latest announcement, the company highlights the importance of improving the efficiency of cooling towers, which account for approximately 30% of a facility’s total water usage. Since scaling and corrosion can hamper a cooling tower’s performance, minimizing them is crucial in maintaining good water efficiency.

Onsite Utility Services Capital offers anti-scaling and corrosion systems on a no-investment basis that can be incorporated into any cooling tower system. These devices preemptively remove corrosion and scale buildup, preventing them from entering the cooling tower. The result is not only a reduction in water usage but also a decrease in energy and chemical use.

Moreover, Onsite Utility Services Capital takes a proactive stance in managing water usage by providing real-time water monitoring systems. These systems analyze a facility’s water consumption patterns and can detect abnormalities. When a leak or a problem occurs, the system sends immediate notifications informing the person in charge about the location and size of the leak. Quick action in response to these notifications can lead to considerable savings, putting more money back into the facility’s pocket.

In light of the growing need for water efficiency and conservation, Onsite Utility Services Capital encourages facilities not to let budget constraints hinder necessary water efficiency upgrades. Their Energy-Savings-as-a-Service program allows facilities to install and service water efficiency and conservation solutions with zero up-front investment and zero debt.

“Water and sewer expenses have increasingly become a significant operating expense for many buildings. Onsite can help you get these costs under control using our infrastructure capital fund-as-a-Service,” added Fritz Kreiss, Onsite’s CEO.

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