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Wayne NJ Visiting Dentist: Denture Repair/Reline For Alzheimer’s Patients Update

In particular, the visiting dentists from Dental Home Services offer complete at-home dental services, including full-mouth and partial dentures, old denture relining and repairs, as well as treatments for dental emergencies and filings.

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With this move, patients in the area can now access quality dental care when and where they need it, irrespective of their health condition, scheduling challenges, or mobility limitations.

Using portable medical equipment, Dental Home Services can transform patients’ homes into fully equipped, compact treatment spaces capable of offering a range of in-home dental services. These include consultations, root canal therapies, crowns and bridges, repair of broken teeth, X-rays, cleanings, and extractions.

While these treatments are tailored to the unique needs of older adults and homebound patients, the geriatric dentists also cater to patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Dr. Stu Rubin a Certified Dementia Practitioner provides thorough, compassionate, and quality dental care for patients in the comfort of their homes, improving their quality of life.

A popular service often requested by patients is the practice’s denture treatment. The mobile dentists have decades of experience crafting aesthetic and functional dentures that help patients eat comfortably and regain their radiant smiles. “Our patients’ ability to eat comfortably, live pain-free, and, most importantly, to smile is at the heart of what we do,” Dr. Stu Rubin, the principal dentist at the practice, comments.

Not only does Dental Home Services serve private homes throughout the state, but the practice is also the preferred provider for more than 240 assisted living facilities throughout New Jersey. Such extensive coverage ensures that dental care is accessible for all seniors, special needs patients, and those who are wheelchair-bound and bedridden.

In addition to serving patients in Wayne, NJ, Dental Home Services also attends to patients in Monroe, Toms River, Manchester, Jackson, Hamilton, and the surrounding areas.

Dr. Rubin adds, “It is our philosophy that because a patient is elderly or chronically ill, they should not be denied the highest quality of dental treatment available. Our treatment is delivered with the utmost compassion for the special needs of our patients. We have refined our techniques to make our treatment as efficient and comfortable as possible.”

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