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Wealth Blueprint To Achieve Financial Freedom For Black Entrepreneurs Launched

Solomon RC Ali is a trusted investment and financial expert who has had over 35 years of success as a private equity investor, CEO and business visionary. Now, he adds the title renowned author to his list of credentials with his book, which he has published through his leading financial consulting firm, Solomon RC Ali Corporation.

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Called ‘Why Black Wealth Matters in White America: Turning Black Spending Power into Intergenerational Wealth,’ Solomon RC Ali addresses the systemic financial inequalities that still exist in America and empowers readers with the advice he has learned during his decades in the competitive world of private equity, corporate acquisitions, and more.

According to the latest figures from the RAND Corporation, today White Americans still hold ten times as much wealth as Black Americans and are still 28 times more likely to become millionaires. As ‘Why Black Wealth Matters in White America’ explains, these discrepancies do not owe to a lack of business insight, intellect, work ethic or entrepreneurial spirit amongst the Black community.

This is why Solomon RC Ali has included concrete advice in his book that he believes can help Black Americans overcome these structural forces.

Solomon RC Ali focuses on three core financial principles in his book, ones that he has employed to significant success in his work with Solomon RC Ali Corporation, where he has successfully raised more than $250 million in structured capital, among other achievements. These principles are: understanding the wealth code, following the ‘money rules’ philosophy, and playing the financial game.

In ‘Why Black Wealth Matters in White America’, Solomon RC Ali turns these big ideas into a step-by-step financial guide with comprehensive tools that any reader can employ in their own life. Solomon is confident that this guide will allow readers to firstly gain financial security and stability, then to achieve financial freedom, and, finally, to create generational wealth.

A spokesperson for Solomon RC Ali Corporation said, “In this book, you’ll discover specific and essential wealth-building ideas, used directly by Solomon, as well as other deca-millionaires and centi-millionaires, to establish vehicles of wealth. With a specific focus on his fellow Black readers, Solomon also covers how readers can protect their wealth against generational forces that conspire to take it from them.”

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