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West Deptford Therapy & Rehab For Benzodiazepine Addiction: Treatment Updated

Following the update, individuals struggling with addiction to prescription drugs like benzodiazepines can seek treatment at Lifetime Recovery’s Mullica Hill facility.

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The announcement comes amid increasing rates of anxiety in America’s population. According to data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, within the past decade, the prevalence of anxiety disorders has seen an upward trend in adults below the age of 50, with the highest rates of occurrence being among young adults. Additional data from the World Health Organization shows that the pandemic exacerbated the issue, with the global prevalence of anxiety and depression jumping by 25% in 2020.

Benzodiazepines are typically prescribed to individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders, but due to the highly addictive nature of the drugs, it’s not uncommon for patients to become too dependent on them, says Lifetime Recovery. Misuse of these medications may result in health conditions such as anorexia, insomnia, memory problems, headaches, and tremors, in addition to addiction symptoms that may interfere with daily life. As such, the treatment center is offering various rehabilitation programs to help their clients become less reliant on benzodiazepines and find healthy ways of coping with their anxiety disorders.

Lifetime Recovery’s programs are developed from evidence-based approaches and include individual therapy, group therapy, motivational interviewing, twelve-step facilitation, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and medication-assisted therapy. Clients can enroll in outpatient programs or receive medical detox at the facilities, and should symptoms of a co-occurring disorder manifest during treatment, Lifetime Recovery’s clinical team can provide a dual diagnosis and adjust their care accordingly.

Lifetime Recovery offers addiction treatment for other types of depressant medication, including non-benzodiazepines; they can also treat alcohol, drug, and gambling addictions. The rehab center places a particular emphasis on addressing the root causes of substance use disorders, and thus provides patients with a wide range of mental health services as well. With the expansion of their programs, the team behind Lifetime Recovery remains committed to ensuring the long-term recovery of people who suffer from addiction.

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