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Work closely with The Clark Law Office, a Lansing Personal Injury Attorney Leveraging Custom Strategies for Representation

Lansing, MI – Every injury lawsuit uses negligence to prove another party’s responsibility. Negligence is the failure to take reasonable care to protect others where a lawyer proves injury or property damage. The Clark Law Office works closely with victims to get them the damages they deserve. The attorneys stay involved and inform clients about updates in Michigan law to ensure a resolution for their legal matters. They understand clients’ stresses and concerns because they have lived through hard-fought cases and trials for over 30 years.

Car, motorcycle, and truck accident victims often receive hospital visits, brochures in the mail, and doctor recommendations for lawyers. While they may bear fruit, these underhanded tactics are a preview of how they handle clients and claims. Immediately following an accident, a personal injury attorney must gather information such as witness statements, police/medical reports, and photos/videos they need to locate responsible parties, meet the statute of limitations, and file a lawsuit. They must also calculate the worth of the client’s case based on their traumatic brain injuries, nerve damage, catastrophic injuries, fatality/wrongful death, or psychological/emotional scarring. The Lansing car accident law firm represents victims of rear-ends, collisions, side-swaps, multi-vehicle accidents, distracted driving, vehicle defects, and intersection accidents.

Getting hurt on the job, whether through machine failure, repetitive motions, marine/offshore accidents, chemical exposure, or construction equipment, drastically affect employees’ lives. Fortunately, they can rely on worker’s compensation benefits for lost salaries and medical expenses if their employers don’t fight/deny claims or adjusters conduct fair investigations. The Clark Law Office Lansing protects clients’ rights by providing an overview of the necessary topics under worker’s compensation law. The attorneys break down coverage, claim disputes, alternate work, vocational rehabilitation, supplemental job displacement benefits, and social security.

Individuals with injuries resulting from medical malpractice acts may bring lawsuits against medical facilities, doctors, nurses, surgeons, or pharmaceutical companies. A malpractice claim is valid if a medical provider gives a treatment that doesn’t pass a certain standard of care, putting the patient at risk of injury or death. While medical malpractice cases can be complex, the Lansing law firm has extensive material to build a case, thanks to the attorneys’ medical knowledge, medical experts, and financial resources. They prove the existence of a doctor/patient relationship, a duty of care, breach of duty, causation, and damages.

Clients of The Clark Law Office Lansing enjoy personalized services where attorneys David. M. Clark and Matthew R. Clark handle each case. Their trial experience, aggressive mindset, and ability to find unique legal strategies have resulted in long-term relationships with clients, 5-star reviews, and favorable verdicts/settlements. To recover damages from a personal injury lawsuit, visit their website or call (517) 575-8131. The firm is at 910 W Ottawa St, Lansing, MI, 48915, US.

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