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Wormhole Foundation Awards Core Contributor Grant to xLabs to Accelerate Web3 Connectivity

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In its pursuit to build a connective fabric for the Web3 ecosystem, the Wormhole Foundation has announced that xLabs has been awarded its first Core Contributor Grant. This step not only fortifies the collaboration between Wormhole Foundation and xLabs but promises a more decentralized and secure future for the Wormhole protocol..

The xLabs team has already made significant contributions to Wormhole, and by making this Grant official, Wormhole aims to capitalize on xLabs' specialized expertise and accelerate its developmental pace . xLabs is a strong team of engineers from locations, such as Argentina, where cryptocurrency is not merely a buzzword but an everyday phenomenon. Under the leadership of Gabriel Zimmermann, xLabs is unwavering in its mission to build and connect the decentralized web by developing core infrastructure, running validator nodes, and building smart contracts and web applications. With an extensive background in the Ethereum, Solana, and Algorand ecosystems, their team is positioned to make lasting contributions to Wormhole and the broader industry.

Going forward, xLabs will focus on elevating relayer operations, enhancing the core infrastructure products, and refining the developer journey. Their previous contributions include the creation of WormholeScan, their work on the Portal Token Bridge interface, development contributions to Wormhole Connect, and the design and operation of numerous relayers, notably the CCTP Relayer. This CCTP relayer is pivotal in enabling users to seamlessly transfer native USDC from Circle across various platforms like Ethereum, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

"Web3 is bringing a decentralized web to the world, but to achieve this vision it needs a connective fabric to tie the various networks together," said Dan Reecer, EVP and Head of Operations at Wormhole Foundation. "We are excited to be working with industry-leading teams like xLabs to bring connectivity to Web3 with Wormholes cross-chain messaging platform."

The Wormhole Foundation is already collaborating with several external organizations like xLabs and will be introducing these additional core contributors to the world over the coming months. If your organization aligns with our vision, we encourage you to reach out to join our collective of contributing teams. Connect with us by dropping an email at

About xLabs

xLabs is a collective of exceptional engineers hailing from regions where the transformative power of cryptocurrency is not just a concept, but a daily reality. We are a community of crypto natives, living and breathing the very solutions that this technology offers, and our mission is to empower builders to craft inspiring experiences that facilitate access to a universal, open, and sovereign financial system. If you want to help build the future with us, consider applying for any of our open roles, or follow us on Twitter or GitHub.

About Wormhole Foundation

The Wormhole Foundation is the steward of Wormhole – the worlds first generalized messaging protocol. Our mission is to empower passionate people in the research and development of blockchain interoperability technologies. Through grants, research, and ecosystem programs, we seek to enable teams to build secure, open-source, and decentralized products within the Wormhole ecosystem. If youre interested in helping achieve our mission, follow us on Twitter or contact us at

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