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2023 Side Hustle Ideas For Working Moms; Freelancing Genius Review Launched

In the recently published review, Startup Business Wire outlines for readers the steps taught in an upcoming webinar that they can use to create their own freelancing businesses. Working single mothers may especially find the webinar of interest, as it can show them a way to earn extra income from home while caring for their dependents.

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The new report, entitled “The Ultimate Side Hustle Guide: Turning Your Skills into Cash,” also offers readers real-life success stories of individuals who have successfully turned their side hustles into prosperous full-blown businesses. These include travel bloggers, amateur bakers, software developers, writers, YouTubers, voiceover actors, and card game designers.

According to the career search platform Zippia, between 2018 and 2023 the market value of the gig economy is expected to more than double, growing from $204 billion to $455 billion. Nearly 51% of the US workforce is expected to be freelance by 2027.

Alicia Lyttle’s Freelancing Genius program, which is the focus of the recently reviewed webinar, is designed to help women – especially single and working mothers – learn how they can take advantage of this booming freelancing market. They will learn how they can use their existing skills to create an online business managed on their own schedules rather than an employer’s.

The Freelancing Genius program focuses on two essential skills: building an online business based on one’s personal knowledge and skills, and “freelancing flipping,” which involves subcontracting tasks to an outsourced team. When combined, these two approaches can optimize participants’ income potential and workflow efficiency.

Webinar presenter Alicia Lyttle is known for her knack for making the complex simple. Her teaching skills allow her to guide complete beginners through the world of side hustles and help them find little-known opportunities that could reap big rewards in terms of not only profitability but career fulfillment.

“Alicia is a renowned expert in the field of entrepreneurship and online businesses,” the reviewer says. “She has helped thousands of people around the world start and grow their own profitable side hustles. The wisdom, strategies, and actionable steps she’ll share are truly invaluable.”

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