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Coral Gables, FL – Hot sauce can take almost any food to the next level, and its versatility is what necessitated the creation of The people behind the site are longtime fans of peppers and confessed hot sauce enthusiasts. They spend a lot of their time trying out new hot sauces, testing their effects, exploring their origins, learning more about their ingredients, and writing honest engaging reviews for the enjoyment of their readers. As avid hot sauce enthusiasts, they believe that hot sauce should be eaten with every food. is dedicated to talking about the top hot sauces in the market, including well-known and obscure options. The site goes into detail about some of the best sauces, the ones they wouldn’t recommend, and everything in between. They also review sauces that have been reviewed elsewhere to give readers a second opinion, as well as the most popular sauces along with their prices. was created for people who could relate to or are interested in learning about other people’s experiences with hot sauces, food blog readers, those curious about the process of making hot sauces, those seeking more knowledge on peppers, and those interested in growing them for themselves. They are passionate about educating their readers by giving comprehensive breakdowns of each product so it’s easier to make a decision. They also publish educational posts about the creation of hot sauces and the types of peppers that are used to make them.

The hot sauce reviews on include Zombie Cajun, Wuju, Flashbang, Gringo Bandito, Cholula, Crystal, Da Bomb, Lingham’s, Louisiana, Melinda’s, Dat’l Do It, Dragon in the Clouds, and El Yucateco. The section also reviews sauces from Hot Ones, including Los Calientes, Last Dab REDUXX, Last Dab XXX, and the classic hot sauce.

The Everything Spicy section on focuses on educating the readers about different types of peppers, with articles on sugar rush peach peppers, sweet Italian peppers, carbohydrates in peppers, substitutes, showdowns, cultivating pepper seeds, and other useful guides. Additionally, the section has insight on their plant companions, pests, diseases and infestations, plant container sizes, fertilizers, harvesting, and more.

Learn more about by calling (305) 925-0838 or through their website. They are located at 1 Alhambra Plaza, PH Floor, Coral Gables, FL 33157.

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