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Adjustable Wi-Fi Android Car Adapter For Stable Wireless Connection Launched

The team of developers who have pioneered Carsifi are on a mission to say goodbye to cords, lagging connectivity and costly in-built car audio system upgrades with their new Wi-Fi adapter. They have designed their new portable wireless adapter to connect any Android phone to any car with wired Android Auto capabilities without needing to install or program anything.

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Having recently raised over $1.5 million dollars and gained over 1,500 new customers through their crowdfunding efforts, the small team of tech and engineering innovators behind the device have brought their cable-free car connectivity vision to life.

Carsifi is a portable device with a simple button control that can connect any Android phone and any car. It can easily be swapped and shared amongst users and cars, with no limit to the number of devices it can work with. Carsifi’s developers know that when it comes to auto integration, any technology must be safe, easy to operate and convenient, and it should ideally come ready to use.

Carsifi is confident that they have ticked all these boxes with their new Wi-Fi adapter. Using the latest wireless and Bluetooth technology, they have ensured that drivers will get to enjoy all the features of Android Auto that are valuable when driving, like Google Assistant, maps, audiobooks, music, and more.

With more states in the US cracking down on phone use in cars, Carsifi’s developers believe that the only way forward is for a safe and functional integrated phone and auto experience when driving.

Carsifi is also proud to boast a stable Wi-Fi connection with anti-lag speeds of 2.4/5 GHz that will take drivers through tunnels, up winding mountains, and into the middle of nowhere.

One happy Carsifi user said, “I installed this a month ago and will say…. I’m thrilled! For those experiencing an unstable wired connection with their phone, this goes away with this device. I have yet to have one drop in connection.”

Another new user also called it a “great little adapter,” and said, “It worked for me out of the box. Very simple setup and everything works exactly like with a wired connection. No extra fiddling with other settings. Great work, guys.”

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