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AgelessRx proposes study to explore LDN Longevity Benefits

AgelessRx has proposed a study that could help progress treatments for age-related diseases and help people live longer. The study will test Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and its effect on longevity. The drug is FDA-approved and has been used to treat alcohol and opiate dependence for over 30 years, but studies have revealed many other benefits when administered at a low dose. From reducing inflammation to boosting immunity and treating fibromyalgia, this study will further explore the benefits of LDN.

Dr. Zalzala from AgelessRx has recently submitted a proposal to the ITP Steering Committee and Access Panel to test the effectiveness of LDN on longevity. Dr. Zalzala, along with the team of longevity experts at AgelessRx, has reviewed the clinical evidence of the efficacy of LDN, finding it to be an effective treatment for various immune-related diseases. For example, a 23andme study conducted over a three-year period found LDN to be an effective treatment for arthritis and Crohn’s. In addition, a survey of over 1400 people with fibromyalgia ranked LDN as the most effective treatment for easing their symptoms. These benefits are a result of the unique way LDN interacts with the body. Naltrexone temporarily blocks endorphin receptors, and after the blocking stops, the endorphins rebound even higher. Thus, LDN stimulates the body to naturally produce more endogenous opioids, a phenomenon that triggers several longevity benefits.

The researchers hypothesize that LDN modulates the immune system and lowers chronic inflammation. In doing so, it can prevent the onset of various chronic conditions and delay age-related health issues. They also believe that LDN reduces inflammation, and promotes wound healing. In addition to proving the benefits of LDN, the goal of the study is to determine that LDN is an affordable, safe, and accessible therapy.

The proposed study will look at the health effects of LDN on mice. This study will differ from others as it will look at long-term effects. Over a three-year period, 350 mice will be treated with LDN daily.

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AgelessRx is an online telemedicine clinic that specializes in slowing accumulation of age related damage. If you are looking to buy LDN you should discuss it with your doctor or schedule online visit with a medical provider using AgelessRx platform. AgelessRx provides a better alternative to traditional anti-aging clinics.

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