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Albuquerque NM Restaurant SMS Text Message Marketing Service Solutions Launched

The marketing innovation firm Grab Customers are launching their newest feature in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The direct text messaging service, aimed at helping local restaurant owners in the area grow their business, is an adaptable and scalable marketing tool that is set to be expanded to many other types of business.

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This bespoke marketing company has added to its advanced marketing system with this new targeted campaign service. The service enables Grab Customers clients to grow their businesses through dynamic, real-time engagement about the products and services on offer. The firm is seeking to expand its exclusive client base as part of this launch.

The marketing industry has changed dramatically in recent years, with technology and social media becoming integral elements of marketing for all businesses. The opportunities brought about by broadened customer exposure have enabled businesses to access new markets and reach new customers. For restaurants and in the hospitality and tourism sectors, business owners have discovered they are able to draw revenue from much farther afield.

However new opportunities often come with new risks. It’s important for any business owner to research and tailor marketing strategies to maximize engagement, and reduce attrition through overload. Investing wisely in marketing partnerships that focus on the fundamentals is essential.

Studies by Forbes and other trusted research institutes have revealed that SMS text messaging is the best direct customer contact tool for growing sales and engagement through marketing. 98% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes, and 75% of customers say they prefer SMS to other leading methods of contact.

At Grab Customers the team of customer and client engagement specialists have been working with local and national businesses to build customer bases, and generate increasing sales at a manageable and scalable rate for years. This newest innovation adds to their stakeholder management system by reaching out to customers through targeted broadcasts and tailored marketing.

The firm is known for combining the best in expertise and “elbow grease” to provide the most effective technical solutions for their clients’ marketing and customer engagement needs. In partnership with a select number of businesses per area, Grab Customers have enabled many businesses to grow and prosper.

With roots in augmenting client engagement through the development of social media databases and advanced methodology search string techniques, their marketing system has proven very adaptable to most markets and market conditions, and has been demonstrated to raise the social selling index of many companies.

With this new addition to their marketing system, the firm is set to expand into the Albuquerque, NM area, and will be looking to recruit new clients to their limited portfolio. As part of the launch, Grab Customers will be providing an additional monthly press release bonus service, which will enhance the visibility of their clients at the local level across the most popular search engines, including Google.

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