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Alex Temiz Live Day Trader Classes: Professional Mentorship Services Announced

The upcoming webinars are limited to 500 seats, and will detail many of the proprietary processes developed by Alex Temiz and the platform’s other cofounders. Alex explains that the low-risk/high-reward strategy has helped many day traders become consistently profitable.

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MIC’s latest education series offers an abridged version of the network’s on-demand video training library, which is exclusively available to a growing community of over 2,000 members. The platform also offers unlimited 1-on-1 mentorship services, designed to accelerate the learning process for beginner and amateur day traders.

While statistics differ depending on the source, most agree that the majority of day traders are unprofitable in the long-term, with failure rates ranging from between 80% and 95%. This is attributed to several factors, including the level of risk involved in day trading, as well as a lack of knowledge and experience.

The founders of MIC believe that, with better education, significantly more day traders could become consistently profitable. The upcoming webinar series is part of an ongoing effort to rectify this deficiency, offering in-depth training from successful professional day traders.

“Mainstream trading education often teaches good people terrible trading habits and as a result, they never really get a fair shot at making it as traders,” the company’s founders explained. “In our upcoming webinars, we show you how so many average people, complete beginners, struggling traders, and investors, are making a reliable income using our low-risk/high-reward strategy.”

About MIC

Community cofounders Alex Temiz and Bao Nguyen have over 15 years’ combined experience as professional day traders, with individual single-day records of $660,000 and $1.4 million, respectively. The team now assists a growing community of over 2,000 active members from locations all around the world.

“I’m still a newbie, but I just had my first four-figure day, and my best day ever,” one member recently stated. “I studied MIC’s materials really hard, and it’s finally paying off. I just want to say thank you to Alex and Bao for creating MIC. I don’t know where I’d be without you.”

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