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American Career Coach Mentor For Entrepreneurs: Success Blueprint Available

Jeanne’s Business Success Accelerator 2 course has already helped many aspiring consultants, course sellers, and entrepreneurs achieve their goals in the industry. The recent updates to the program will introduce new methods that can be used to expand one’s influence across social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook.

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The updated group program is intended to help beginners in the consulting industry find their footing using a variety of proven techniques. The primary goal of the program is to assist entrepreneurs in the development and refinement of their offers while also growing their network without the use of traditional advertising.

Jeanne’s program allows participants to learn and grow their businesses alongside a group of like-minded peers, all of whom are at the same stage of growth in their entrepreneurial journeys. Jeanne provides a combination of specified, individual-level coaching and group encouragement to ensure that everyone can achieve their maximum potential through her program.

This program also places an emphasis on the success-forward mindset necessary to achieve one’s goals in the business world. As Jeanne says, she helps her clients tap into the so-called “genius zone,” a flow state wherein one can develop and execute ideas without being plagued by self-doubt or fear of failure.

One client who received the mindset coaching said, “I ended the month $500 short of my ambitious goal. Instead of being disappointed, I feel extremely proud. I was resistant to throw out a goal at all for fear of failure; instead, it propelled me forward. I have set an even bigger goal for next month now that I can clearly see what is possible.”

The Business Success Accelerator 2 program was developed using techniques derived from Jeanne’s own experience as a Wall Street consultant and strategist. Using the methods presented in the program, she was able to grow her own service into a 7-figure operation without seed capital or advertising costs.

The newly refreshed program is available now to new participants. Prior to joining the program, Jeanne will meet with all interested parties for a no-cost discovery call to determine whether the program is right for them. A scheduling calendar, along with a wide range of case studies and testimonials, is available at the link below.

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