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Automated Branded Merchandise – Print On Demand Business Model Video Launched

Best Biz Merch, an automated e-commerce services provider, has updated its offering with a video describing a business opportunity that takes advantage of the growing e-commerce industry.

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The new update shows viewers a way to start their own branded merchandise production business using the company’s automated fulfillment system. The launch of this resource is timely, as industry experts predict that the e-commerce sector will continue its upward trajectory long after the pandemic is over.

The material showcases the company’s platform, which allows it to design and manufacture branded goods that can appeal to a specific audience. Viewers will also see how the company is revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape by offering a feature-packed e-commerce site along with goods.

According to the presentation, these sites are handed over to customers “100% sales-ready” through a proprietary shopping cart. They also boast other features like analytics, customer look-up, and the ability to segment products based on size, colors, and other categories.

Moreover, the software is designed to integrate with Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify, among others, so users can offer their wares to millions of customers on these large e-commerce platforms.

Prospective sellers can create branded products from over 32 item types, such as t-shirts, mugs, and hoodies. The material also goes over how to get a hold of more premium offerings like jewelry, which is ideal for those planning to offer a broader selection of merchandise.

In addition to the business model, it discusses the state of the e-commerce sector, presenting a strong case why this type of business makes sense in a post-pandemic economy.

Data gathered by the company shows that the industry is on track to grow by over 18% in North America by 2024. In addition, nearly half of the respondents in one survey said that they will continue to shop online even after the crisis.

“This is not only a pandemic disruption. This is an evolution of brand and online purchasing,” a company spokesperson said, adding that it is also why companies today are adopting omni channel strategies.

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