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BEE Incorporations Partners With the Global Network for Zero

Shanghai, China Aug 1, 2023 ( – BEE Incorporations (BEE) has announced its collaboration with the Global Network for Zero (GNFZ) in a groundbreaking effort to accelerate the achievement of a zero-emissions world.

As an integral part of this transformative community, BEE and GNFZ will join forces to develop innovative and actionable strategies for achieving zero emissions across various sectors and regions. This partnership aims to educate clients, design net zero plans, and implement low-carbon solutions that align with international climate goals and standards.

“Your partnership is crucial to helping us achieve our mission of empowering people and organizations to accelerate the realization of a zero emissions world, and our vision of lasting equitable and global living standards serving people and the planet. By engaging with the GNFZ network, you will steward clients and network members through the process of achieving and maintaining net zero certification”, – Sarah Merricks, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at GNFZ

Through this collaboration, BEE and GNFZ will diligently measure and report on the carbon footprint of their clients, supporting the seamless integration of net zero strategies into their endeavors. BEE Incorporations will also act as a dedicated partner to award GNFZ’s prestigious net zero certification to deserving clients, underlining the significance of sustainable practices in the global economy.

Together, BEE and GNFZ advocate for a world where net zero becomes the norm, and where harmonious integration of systems, streamlined workflows, and responsible data management work hand-in-hand to eliminate market barriers to a zero-emissions world.

About BEE Incorporations

BEE Incorporations is a leading green building consultancy dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. By bridging the gap between design and construction, since 2009 BEE Incorporations has developed state-of-the-art sustainable building solutions that benefit not only the environment but also the construction industry.

About Global Network for Zero

The Global Network for Zero is an international leadership collective of business and policy leaders implementing actionable strategies and certifications for accelerating ESG compliance and the rapid realization of a zero emissions world.

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