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BiVictriX Therapeutics passes “exciting milestone” with US patent for BVX001

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BiVictriX Therapeutics PLC (AIM:BVX, OTC:BVTXF) founder and CEO Tiffany Thorn speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after announcing that the UK-based drug discovery and development company has been granted a patent for its primary cancer treatment BVX001 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Thorn describes the granting of the US patent as an "exciting milestone" for the business and explains that the patent marks a significant achievement for the company as it encompasses broad claims, unlike the typical narrow specifications for antibody therapeutics. She highlights that BiVictriX's approach allows for more extensive intellectual property protection. The company's global focus is evident, with patent prosecution spanning eight jurisdictions, including Japan, a pivotal market.

A Notice of Allowance has been received from the Japanese patent office that showcases even broader protection than the US grant. Thorn also discusses a recent 2.1mln fundraise and an intensification of business development efforts, including participation in an upcoming partnering conference.

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