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BNCM Bounce Mobile to Expand Reveneu Driven Businesses

BNCM Bounce Mobile Systems

BNCM Expanding Consultancy & Real Estate Businesses

Reno, Nevada Sep 11, 2023 ( – Bounce Mobile Systems, Inc. (OTC: BNCM) today announced its plan to focus on expanding more revenue driven businesses that will form part of an ecosystem for its business. The businesses are synergistic and maximizes its current manpower, networks and return of investment for its shareholders.

  • Expand Consultancy Business

BNCM and SERVEBANK Financial Group (SERVEBANK) are currently involved in managing the listing of Delex Healthcare Group Inc. (DELEX). DELEX has been involved in the development and distribution of pharmaceutical products for over 12 years. DELEX currently has over 1,000 distribution channels including medical hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and healthcare centers.

DELEX plans to seek listing on the NASDAQ Capital Market within the next two years. BNCM shall receive a total of 100 million stocks of common shares of DELEX through SERVEBANK, upon the approval of the listing of DELEX on the NASDAQ Capital Market. The shares will be worth $100 million based on $1 per share. Funds from the sale of the shares will be used by BNCM to further expand its business and activities.

BNCM and SERVEBANK have also agreed to work with DELEX to acquire other healthcare companies in the region, especially those with established management, a robust financial track record and strong potential for going public. These will enable BNCM to further develop and strengthen its business in the healthcare sector.

  • Develop Real Estate Business

BNCM and SERVEBANK will be involved in real estate development in partnership with experienced industry veterans with several successful property development projects under their belts. BNCM will focus on securing housing lots in good locations. BNCM will partner with qualified architects, interior designers, and contractors to provide design and construction services to these home buyers. This will enable BNCM to focus on more projects, maintain low fixed overheads with clear and secured returns from its projects.

The group has also agreed with BNCM’s proposal to focus on the sales of houses and lots, from the low-end to mid-range markets. With a current deficit of between 4 million to 6 million units, there is a huge gap in the housing demand. We are coming strong into the industry with a business concept of helping people to afford their homes. We want to be known as, “A company that has the interest of the people at heart.”

These numbers are expected grow further in tandem with the population growth. From 1960 to 2022, the population of the Philippines increased from 26.27 million to 115.56 million people. This is a growth of 339.9 percent in 62 years. (source: World Data).

The initial target is to achieve $10 million in sales for the two (2) years and $100 million in the next five (5) years.

BNCM and SERVEBANK have agreed to continuously provide updates to its shareholders with regards to the progress of its real estate business.

About BNCM

BNCM (Bounce Mobile Systems, Inc.) is an asset management and consultancy company that manages the assets or shares of companies it currently owns. BNCM currently owns assets and or shares in various companies involved in asset management, education, healthcare, and real estate. These companies are located and registered in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.

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