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Bybrand Cloud Email Signature Platform Announces New Integration with Google Sheets

With the new integration, signature updates that previously took hours can now be done in minutes.

July 19, 2021 – Bybrand, a cloud-based email signature manager made to help IT and Marketing teams save time, announced today that they have released a new integration that works with Google Sheets.

As a professional email signature generation platform, Bybrand continually innovates email signature technology to save teams time while also optimizing the power of email signatures for marketing and brand recognition. With the debut of their new Google Sheets integration, teams will now be able to manage dynamic email signatures through Google Sheets. Managers can import an employee list and automatically create email signatures for each contact. Rather than using a CSV file to create signatures that are time intensive, the Bybrand Google Sheets integration allows lists of contacts to produce email signatures in minutes rather hours.

“We’re excited to launch the Google Sheets integration,” said Bernardo Castro, founder of Bybrand. “It’s significantly faster to manage email signatures through our integration as compared to the standard alternatives. Combined with our powerful customer signature builder, this new integration gives teams everything they need to update a whole company’s signatures in just a few minutes.”

In a few steps, users can turn convert a list of spreadsheet data into email signatures. The integration connects directly to the Google API to automatically sync the list of employees and email signature placeholders, resulting in one of the most streamlined approaches to employee email signature management for all employees.

With the new Bybrand integration, companies can quickly create a unified email signature that works across major providers. Using the Sync feature, newly added lines in Google Sheets can be synchronized with the proper department. In addition, managers can connect multiple Google Sheets files to be imported into a single department.

Castro added, “In addition to saving time, the value of our new Google Sheets email signature integration is also the elimination of manual tasks. Bybrand allows companies to work smarter in their efforts to present a unified brand. Instead of manually having to create a signature every time a new employee is onboarded, or a brand is updated, or a promotion is added, this can all be handled dynamically by IT and Marketing teams who can push the updates in no time.”

To learn more about Bybrand and their new Google Sheets email signature integration, visit the company’s website at

About Bybrand

Bybrand is a professional email signature generator made for IT Managers and Marketing teams. The idea is to save you time in managing your team’s email signatures while providing a robust marketing channel. With Bybrand, we empower teams to manage the automatic creation of email signatures, make bulk email signature updates, design modern email signatures with templates, build from scratch using our rich editor, and make bulk updates and bulk actions to save time.