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Car Accident and Slip and Fall Accident Victims Can Now Pursue Injury Claims With Help From Flagler Personal Injury Group

Miami, FL – Accidents happen daily. People who have been involved in accidents caused by another person, whether due to their negligence, actions, or inactions, deserve to be compensated as provided by the law. This is why Flagler Personal Injury Group is happy to offer the legal help needed for accident victims to jump through the hoops put in place by insurance companies. Victims of car accidents and slip and fall accidents can now visit Flagler Personal Injury Group or request consultation from the attorneys.

Car accident victims are more likely to suffer fatal injuries that may be temporary or permanent. Some car accident victims have lost their limbs, suffered spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and other fatal injuries. These victims are usually faced with huge medical bills that can turn their finances upside down. The law provides that such injured victims have a right to seek compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance company. However, insurance companies, in a bid to make more money, may try to frustrate the personal injury claim when the victim presses without proper legal representation.

Flagler Personal Injury Group saves victims from being offered ridiculous amounts in compensation and insurance agencies’ attempts to frustrate the claim. The attorneys have been handling personal injury cases for years and are aware of the tricks commonly used by insurance companies to discredit claims. Flagler Personal Injury Group obtains desired results by educating their clients, deploying their resources, and aggressively fighting on behalf of accident victims.

Victims of slip and fall accidents are also welcome to reach out to personal injury lawyers for help. The attorneys understand that such accident cases can lead to devastating injuries like a broken neck, broken limbs, fractured shoulder and hip bone, and more. Flagler Personal Injury Group pushes to recover all that has been lost, including economic and non-economic damages.

Clients can rest assured that, depending on the extent of their losses, Flagler Personal Injury Group can recover damages including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, prescription medicine costs, rehabilitation costs, property damages, and more.

Accident victims who wish to learn more about Flagler Personal Injury Group can reach out to them at any time to schedule a free consultation meeting. The attorneys represent clients in all other kinds of personal injury and accident cases, including birth injuries, wrongful death, assault and battery, prescription drug errors, product liability, emergency room errors, bicycle accidents, construction site accidents, work accidents, dog bites, casino accidents, taxi accidents, and more.

Get started by contacting Flagler Personal Injury Group via phone at 305-424-8445. For more information, visit the law office at 1 NE 2nd Ave #200, Miami, FL, 33132, US, or visit their website.

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