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Clockout Breaks New Ground in Wage Access. Launches and Expands its Reach to 42 States

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New York, NY, August, 18, 2023 (PlatoData via 500NewsWire) — Historically, on-demand wage access required significant backend adjustments, coordination and often posed integration hurdles for employers. Clockout, a cutting-edge fintech platform, is pushing the boundaries of the traditional earned wage access model.

In a bold move to address common industry challenges, the company has unveiled a streamlined, implementation-free model for employers, eliminating the need for cumbersome contracts and implementations and making offering their workforce immediate access to earned wages effortless. Clockout amplifies businesses' employee motivation, retention, and hiring leverage; while placing the power directly in the hands of the employees who've earned it.

Clockout's milestones don't end here. The fintech pioneer has achieved regulatory clearance to operate in 42 states. This new approval sets the stage for a strategic expansion, with Texas and the Midwest particularly interested. These regions, known for their bustling economic activity and diverse workforce, align perfectly with Clockout's mission of delivering financial flexibility to as many American workers as possible.

Juan Jurado-Blanco, CEO and Founder of Clockout, commented on the double triumph, "Our vision has always been to make wage accessibility as straightforward and inclusive as possible. With our new model, we're ensuring that workers, irrespective of where they are, can control their finances without any organizational roadblocks."

In an era where employee motivation, retention, and recruitment play a pivotal role in a company's success, Clockout's offerings emerge as an undeniable asset for forward-thinking employers. As access to earned wages becomes central to workforce satisfaction, Clockout's message to businesses and employers is loud and clear: Don't get left behind.

Businesses and workers in the approved states are encouraged to explore the benefits of Clockout and join the movement towards a more flexible financial future.

About Clockout:

Clockout is a fintech platform committed to providing workers with instant access to their earnings. Through its seamless integration and commitment to financial empowerment, Clockout is changing the face of traditional paychecks, allowing employees to take charge of their financial health.

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