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CO2Lift announces Carboxytherapy to Battle Neck Aging

As humans grow older, the production of collagen and elastin in the skin drastically reduces. As a result, the skin begins to wrinkle, loose, and take sagging forms. Unfortunately, there are limited anti-aging treatments that are effective and fast-acting, available for men and women today. With the skincare industry in need of more proven and effective solutions to stop aging, Lumisque Skincare has continued to deliver products that have helped both women and men combat aging courtesy of the company’s CO2Lift skincare collection.

The Florida-based Skincare Company has a product in its CO2Lift collection, which focuses on combatting neck aging. CO2Lift is a scientifically proven home Carboxytherapy gel treatment that reverses the aging process and restores the youthful functionality of the skin and vagina. It is gentle and safe for women and men of all ages and is proven to be as effective as some laser and radiofrequency procedures when used as recommended.

There is a wide range of products for aging. Even at Lumisque Skincare, the CO2Lift products can help with various degrees of aging. Still, this therapy for neck aging is designed to achieve faster results as it contains the requisite ingredients to rejuvenate, brighten, and moisturize the skin surrounding the neck.

Lumisque Skincare is reckoned to be a proven source of medical and topical Carboxytherapy recommended by doctors in the United States. A happy customer commented that “since getting my trouble skin under control, I decided to splurge on my skincare products. This is one thing I am willing to spend more on because IT’S THAT GOOD! Great for before events or when you just need a pick me up. Nothing better than treating yourself and your skin at the same time.”

People looking for remedies to combat aging and look younger will find the Carboxytherapy from Lumisque Skincare the perfect solution. Existing customers of Lumisque Skincare should expect the same level of professionalism with improved productivity as they try the CO2Lift Carboxy Gel for preventing or reversing neck aging.

For further inquiries, send an email to or call 954-780-8739.

About CO2Lift

CO2Lift ( is an online retailer specializing in cosmeceuticals to rejuvenate the skin and combat the effects of aging. It is a brand of Lumisque Skincare based in Weston, Florida, which has taken an innovative approach to Carboxytherapy, offering revolutionary carbon dioxide therapy treatments.

The CO2Lift provides only proven medical-grade and topical Carboxytherapy treatments that doctors recommend. In addition, their kits allow individuals to access the benefits of Carboxytherapy from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

To learn more and order any of Lumisque Skincare CO2Lift products, please visit

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