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Copper X Mining sends samples from Jupiter Project for proof-of-concept metallurgical testing

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Copper X Mining CEO Peter Berdusco joined Steve Darling from Proactive with news that the company has taken the first steps in advancing the Jupiter Copper Project, collecting initial samples for metallurgical testing utilizing the Clean Copper Refining Process.

The extracted material from the Jupiter site will soon be transported to a metallurgy laboratory in the United States, initiating a proof-of-concept testing phase. This testing aims to showcase the viability of a novel, environmentally friendly refining process that transforms run-of-mine material into copper plate.

Berdusco elaborated on the revolutionary approach adopted by the company. The proposed one-pot process hinges on the utilization of molten salts as a medium for metal extraction, deviating from conventional extraction processes like pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy.

The molten salt method employed for metallic copper production leverages unreactive, non-toxic neutral chloride salts as the processing fluid, thereby minimizing the potential for toxic emissions during the transition from copper ore to copper metal. Importantly, since the utilized salt is composed of non-toxic elements, it generates no harmful vapors and is classified as environmentally benign. This stands in stark contrast to the traditional copper refining processes, which entail thermal and electrowinning refining methods that carry the risk of noxious vapor emissions and groundwater contamination.

Copper X Mining's pioneering approach showcases a commitment to technological innovation, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. The adoption of this novel refining process underscores the company's efforts to mitigate the environmental impact associated with conventional mining practices.

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