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Dean Street Dental Enforces Stringent COVID-19 Provisions to Ensure Safe Continuity of Service for St. Charles Patients

St. Charles, IL – COVID-19 has caused a major disruption to the normal way of life for many businesses and service providers the world over. Of all, the riskiest and yet the most essential is the healthcare service sector which has to remain operational despite the outbreak. Dean Street Dental knows that its services, such as dental emergencies, are essential and must, therefore, remain operational during these trying times. To cope with the risk posed by the pandemic, Dean Street Dental has enforced stringent COVID-19 provisions for the protection of both its patients as well as its workers.

When commenting about the general sanitary conditions of Dean Street Dental, a client observed that it is “super clean and modern. Very friendly people. And gentle with your teeth.”

The COVID-19 provisions are to make sure that every patient gets access to a competent St Charles Dentist whenever they need one. The full observance of the clinic’s provisions and compliance with all public health regulations allows Dean Street Dental to continue with all of its operations, giving St. Charles’ patients the dental care they deserve. All that the patients have to do is search for Dean Street Dental – Dentist Near Me, and they will be connected with the best in the area.

The first provision is the completion of a consent form. In the application, all patients and staff members are required to agree to hold certain standards regarding the control of the virus. By completing the form, the patient agrees to follow all the COVID-19 stipulations laid out for the safety of everyone in or around the dental office. The dental practice reserves the right to withhold services from patients who fail to complete the consent form – for the sake of the safety of everyone involved.

The clinic has in place a guest limitation provision to minimize contact, and, therefore, the potential spread of the virus. The exception only is for very young children who have to be accompanied by parents or caregivers into the clinic, all other parties will be required to remain outside the facilities as the patient is attended to.

Dean Street Dental has in place a top-of-the-range air purification system to minimize contamination by allowing circulation of fresh air. Also, regular disinfection of equipment, office, and hands is carried out using disinfection products recommended by the health department.

All Dean Street Dental staff members are provided with and are required to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at all times. The same goes for patients whenever they are not undergoing any dental procedures. Also, all patients are pre-screened before admission into the facility, while workers are screened regularly.

More information about the COVID 19 provisions in place or services offered by the clinic can be obtained from their website. For inquiries, clients can get in touch with Dean Street Dental via phone at 630-584-8787. The dental office is located at 2210 Dean Street Suite 0-2, St. Charles, IL 60175.

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