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Depend Exteriors – Experienced Stucco Contractor in Edmonton

Edmonton, AB – Stucco contractors are a dime a dozen. The process to repair stucco is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. It can be intimidating if one has limited funds and wants to get started. A second challenge is that there are just a lot of small pieces and a lot of labor involved in the process, so it takes longer than it looks like it will.

Stucco is composed of a mix of Portland cement, fine sand called silica sand, and a small amount of lime for water absorption. Portland cement is what holds the mix together. Therefore, it is very important to hire an experienced contractor to assure that replacement mortar is correctly mixed and applied to avoid discoloration and cracking. Several cases were documented when unwitting homeowners had used low-quality grout or mortar that was not intended for use on stucco surfaces. Depend Exteriors is an Industry-Leading Commercial and Residential Stucco Contractor in Edmonton, Alberta.

“Depend Exteriors is a reliable and trustworthy stucco & masonry contractor in Edmonton, offering a wide range of quality services to satisfied clients throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas. With our over 13 years of experience in the industry and family-owned and operated business, we are more than eligible for all your exterior needs. We pride ourselves on providing consistently amazing results and we gladly work with our clients along each step. We will help you decide and understand the process of the service you require.” Said the representative for Depend Exteriors.

Some of the services offered by Depend Exteriors include:

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems

“Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems” is a term most often used to refer to the use of insulation within the exterior walls of a building. In all wall systems, there are thermal breaks that are designed to inhibit air infiltration into the building envelope. EIFS not only helps in reducing the energy bills but also the home’s overall carbon footprint. The system ensures that the insulation is functioning at optimum capacity.

Stonework and Masonry

With more than 15 years of experience, Depend Exteriors does quality work that reflects a homeowner’s vision and is done on time. The company offers competitive pricing while maintaining a reputation for integrity and customer satisfaction. Customers can see more about Depend Exteriors by visiting the company’s website.

Depend Exteriors knows how important it is to keep the stucco in the best condition, and they’re a team of professionals who know just what needs to be done. They can repair everything from concrete cracking and peeling around windows and doors to deep scratches on stucco walls. The specialists also do a great job of fixing siding leaks, replacing broken window glass, and replacing damaged flashing. No matter what the stucco repair needs are, Depend Exteriors can help.

Depend Exteriors is located at 8615 176 street NW, Edmonton, AB, T5T 0M7, CA. For inquiries, contact the premier stucco contractor via phone at 7807103972 or visit the company’s website for additional information.

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