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EarthRenew subsidiary Replenish Nutrients announces $7 million in non-dilutive grant financing

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EarthRenew CEO Neil Wiens joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news about the company including its wholly-owned subsidiary, Replenish Nutrients, which is celebrating a significant milestone.

The company has been chosen to receive a substantial $7 million grant from Emissions Reduction Alberta, in line with Alberta's Industrial Transformation Challenge.

EarthRenew specializes in innovative solutions in the agriculture sector, particularly focused on sustainable and regenerative practices. With this generous grant, they are taking a big step towards their goal of creating a new regenerative fertilizer manufacturing facility near Debolt, Alberta.

Not only will this initiative boost local employment opportunities by creating jobs in construction and manufacturing, but it will also play a pivotal role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The grant is a testament to EarthRenew's dedication to environmentally responsible practices within the fertilizer manufacturing industry. This project is poised to contribute significantly to Alberta's sustainability efforts while simultaneously generating economic benefits for the region.

Wiens is enthusiastic about the impact this grant will have on their mission and the broader sustainability landscape in Alberta. It's a demonstration of how innovation and environmental responsibility can come together to drive progress, both for the economy and the planet.

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