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Empowering Startups for Success: K&D Consulting Enterprises Guides in Business Formation and Funding Preparation

Royal Oak, MI – Starting a business involves a lot of hard work and planning whether dealing with website development, financing, human resources, liability protection, or marketing, sales, and advertising. There are many ways to approach creating a startup, along with necessary considerations like determining a business idea, researching the market, or developing a business plan.

K&D Consulting Enterprises is a leader in new startup consulting, offering a wide range of services designed to help emerging businesses build a strong foundation and prepare for funding. Focused on delivering personalized services, strategic development, and ensuring long-term success, K&D Consulting Enterprises is committed to changing the narrative of startup success.

At the heart of K&D Consulting Enterprises is Katina Davenport, a seasoned entrepreneur whose initiation into the business world began in 2012. Davenport’s entrepreneurial spirit was tested when her most successful ecommerce venture was forced to close due to the pandemic. This setback, however, paved the way for a groundbreaking discovery that would not only redefine her career path but also extend a lifeline to other budding entrepreneurs.

In her quest for knowledge on securing business funding, Davenport stumbled upon a private membership group taught by an unknown millionaire. The insights gained from this encounter were transformative, covering the essentials of business formation, personal and business credit, and strategies for securing funding from lenders as a new business. These lessons became the cornerstone of K&D Consulting Enterprises.

Throughout 2023, Davenport engaged with over 300 business owners, each grappling with the common challenge of raising funds to get their startups off the ground. K&D Consulting Enterprises, operating since 2020, has been instrumental in bridging this gap. By helping these businesses get initial funding, set up LLCs, and even develop websites for those at a loss on where to start, the company has been pivotal in the success stories of many. Among its accolades is the success of a client who secured over six figures in funding.

K&D Consulting Enterprises’ mission extends beyond mere business formation. The company focuses on ensuring startups are well-equipped for the challenges ahead. Entrepreneurs who schedule a call with the company learn how the company can help register their business within their State, obtain an employer identification number (EIN) for tax purposes, how to structure their business to meet funding requirements, and how the company can develop a website to suit their needs.

About K&D Consulting Enterprises

K&D Consulting Enterprises is a business consulting company turning entrepreneurial dreams into reality. The team specializes in guiding new business owners through the pivotal process of establishing business funding, credit, and LLC formation. Their unique approach to securing funding involves preparing clients to meet and exceed the requirements of business lenders.

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