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Energy Efficiency For Office Buildings: Waste Reduction Consultations Expanded

Noting that energy efficiency is increasingly important

, the new update provides a way to install and maintain cutting-edge systems without impacting budgets or core investments.

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The new announcement cites studies from MIT, which show that 30% of energy is wasted by the average commercial building. Onsite Utility Services Capital has nationwide delivery capability and can optimize electricity costs for HVAC systems, along with lighting efficiency, and more.

“Energy costs strongly and negatively impact your operating budget,” added Fritz Kreiss, Onsite’s CEO. “And because energy costs continue to rise, buildings that do not carefully manage their energy usage can see operating budgets rapidly increase which can impact their competitiveness in attracting and retaining tenants.”

The consultations focus on helping businesses reduce costs by ensuring they only pay for the electricity they actually need. According to Onsite Utility Services Capital, businesses can waste up to 20% of their electricity bill by paying for excess power. The average voltage supplied in the US is 493 volts, but most commercial equipment like motors and lighting operate optimally at 460 volts.

From voltage optimization to upgrading inefficient equipment, the company helps implement customized solutions enabling businesses to decrease average utility bills by up to 15% on average. The consultations also ensure companies extend the operating life of voltage-sensitive assets like HVAC systems and pumps by reducing daily stress on equipment.

Onsite Utility Services Capital offers an Energy Saving- as-a-Service program. This allows companies to access lighting upgrades, clean indoor air technologies, and HVAC improvements with no capital investment or debt. Onsite manages the entire process from initial consultation to solution implementation and ongoing maintenance.

The turnkey approach, coupled with years of engineering expertise, enables companies to easily transition to more efficient, cost-saving systems. Because the service does not involve loans, there is no debt impact on the business and it does not conflict with other core purchases they need to make in order to meet their operational or growth goals.

Fritz Kreiss adds: “With power optimization, equipment lasts significantly longer. That means lower replacement and maintenance costs – your equipment will operate as efficiently as possible at all times, while the long-term usability of that equipment will be maximized.”

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