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ERTC For Startups Pre-Qualification & CPA Application Support Services Launched

With their recent update, LP Consulting’s team can provide both initial pre-qualification checks as well as complete ERTC application preparation support for small business owners with start-ups that were impacted by the pandemic.

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As the company’s updated services are focused solely on helping owners get their maximum owed Employee Retention Tax Credits, its team of professional CPAs has unparalleled insight into the application process.

While the pandemic hit business owners across all industries, those with newer start-ups were especially impacted, with Statista reporting that 72% of the global start-ups saw profit declines exceeding 32%. Furthermore, while the government’s ERTC program offers a financial life-jacket for businesses, many start-ups are often not equipped with the accounting or book-keeping teams to help them submit a successful application.

To give start-up owners access to professional accounting services, without further financial expense, LP Consulting offers their no-obligation ERTC services.

Small business owners can initially use the company’s pre-qualification checking service that estimates how much ERTC funding they could be owed. This online calculator uses information such as the profit and employee count of a business during the program’s qualifying period, to determine if they would be eligible to apply.

Once qualified, LP Consulting’s CPAs can work alongside business owners to collate and update all the relevant paperwork for their applications. This update also includes providing clients with audit-proof documentation should it be required in the future for any IRS checks.

As the firm’s team explains, there are many misconceptions surrounding the ERTC program, which is why they encourage start-up business owners to check if they are eligible. These misconceptions include ineligibility due to a past PPP loan and revenue rising back to pre-pandemic levels.

Start-up owners looking to check how much ERTC funding they are owed can find the no-obligation calculator on the company’s website, which also includes an FAQ on the program.

A spokesperson for LP Consulting, LLC said, “By answering a few simple, non-invasive questions, our team of ERTC experts can determine if you likely qualify for a no-strings-attached tax credit. There is no cost or obligation to be pre-qualified.”

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