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Fast-Tracked Crypto-Friendly Brick & Mortar Banking For Digital Assets, Update

The consultancy’s latest move consolidates banking across the decentralised and FIAT currency divide, with the team offering expertise and fast onboarding for clients searching for crypto-friendly financial institutions to do business with.

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The announcement affirms SAXE Global’s growing reputation as a pioneering and disruptive force in banking in the digital age. With a host of embedded banking integrations, crypto on/off ramp solutions, and mass payment services, the consultancy enables robust partnerships between businesses, sole traders, and banks on a global scale.

According to a Linkedin article, the full potential of cryptocurrency has yet to be realised – not just in the financial world but across all sectors. While traditional banking is far from over, a study suggests that 86% of central banks are actively researching the possibilities offered by central bank digital currency (CBDC). Consultancies like SAXE Global help clients source agile banking solutions that reflect the ever-evolving financial space.

When partnering with SAXE Global, clients are assigned a dedicated banking advisor to help explore all of the options available to them. Account applications can be completed via the SAXE website, and the advisory team is available to answer any questions and resolve any issues.

Once verified, speedy onboarding can also be completed online, with users having the opportunity to connect with their appointed bank manager. Whether a client is looking for a purely digital account or wishes to combine crypto transactions with traditional currency and banking tied to a particular branch or location, SAXE Global ensures that they find the most suitable partners.

About SAXE Global LTD

Established by founder and CEO Isaac Saxe the consultancy has been operating since 2021. SAXE Global’s mission is to disrupt the opaque banking industry with agile and transparent financial consulting, bringing the financial advisory sector into the 21st century.

A spokesperson says, “Pairing cutting-edge solutions with the razor-sharp business acumen of our advisors- we aim to provide a superior level of customer service and build strong, long-lasting relationships with clients worldwide to form a new force in global consulting.”

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