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Fire Safety Made Reliable: DuraBarrier USA Ensures Protection for Critical Equipment and Infrastructure

DuraBarrier USA collaborates with facilities in different industries, including chemical, gas, and fuel storage, to custom-make engineer fire barrier configurations for protecting infrastructure and equipment from fire and explosion hazards. They design and manufacture fire-stopping barriers and other solutions tailored to clients’ unique sites and project specifications. These designs are cost-effective, saving time and money by safeguarding facilities from blasts, shrapnel, heat, and hydrocarbon fuel exposure.

Their equipment is utilized in various settings like rail, marine, cargo facilities, tank farms, pipelines, and chemical and processing facilities. These barriers play a crucial role in providing essential protection, minimizing damage in case of an explosion, and eliminating associated risks.

Before design and installation, DuraBarrier USA performs a site risk assessment to recommend the best-suited fire barrier configuration. Their experienced engineers assess transformers or substations, domestic locations vital to national security or power grid, and industrial plants. The assessments focus on determining the risk of fire and explosion.

The team also assesses existing safeguards to determine their effectiveness and compliance with regulations. They perform a Line of Sight NFPA 850 assessment to ensure the firewall barrier is well-sized and positioned to meet protection goals. They look out for overhead and underground obstacles and strategic placement in the most cost-effective way possible. The crew ensures the client complies with NFPA 850 ballistic protection, transformer separation, and fire and projectile protection standards.

Their product portfolio offers a wide array of options, including ballistic fire shields, staggered ballistic walls, fire partitions, pier foundations, and more. With solutions tailored for both high-cost and low-cost budgets, clients can choose what best suits their needs. The lower-cost alternatives feature smaller foundations, making them more portable and easier to install. Additionally, they require less maintenance, making them practical and cost-effective choices for clients seeking efficient and affordable solutions.

Once clients have selected the most suitable firewall barrier equipment, DuraBarrier USA provides installation and delivery services. Clients can opt for complete packages or have their team of qualified engineers install the equipment directly at the site. The fire barrier equipment is designed to be portable and removable using a forklift, strategically placed within spill areas to enhance safety measures.

A quote from the company website states, “For over 24 years, we have protected transformers and electrical substations nationwide from fire, explosion, gunfire, and other hazards to protect our nation’s energy grids and critical infrastructure systems. We bring our Subject Matter Expertise and experience to every client, and understanding the “Voice of the Client” is always the first step. We want to know what you are protecting and what you are protecting it from so we can offer you World Class “Safe By Design” solutions that meet your goals and objectives.”

DuraBarrier USA also offers engineering and consulting services to train professionals, engineers, and risk management teams on fire barrier education and code compliance.

Call the company at 732-232-2100. Visit the company website for more information on their fire barriers. DuraBarrier USA is located at 9 Mount Lane, Manasquan, New Jersey, 08736, US.

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