Press Release

Four legendary heroes of the cryptocurrency world and the launch of a newBSC game with matrix marketing!

After long wanderings through the peaks and valleys of the cryptocurrency world, four famous heroes – Doge, Shiba, Floki, and Pepe – are gearing up for a grand race for the recognition of a true, strong community. This unique race will coincide with the launch of a new game on the BSC platform, combining elements of matrix marketing and cryptocurrency interaction.

In this thrilling race, participants will face multiple challenges, where the outcome of the competition will determine which community is the most loyal and sincere. Upon meeting the conductor at the majestic cryptocurrency world station, each hero was given the opportunity to prove their significance and importance to their community.

At the same time, players of the new BSC game will compete in battles between clans. The results of these battles will be evaluated based on a point system, and at the end of each tournament, the conductor will determine the winner. After the competition concludes, 50% of the Happy Train coin’s liquidity will be used to buy out the coin of the winning clan, whether it’s Floki, SHIBA, PEPE, or DOGE. The conductor will then send these tokens for destruction, contributing to the rise in the value of the winning clan’s coin. This move will ensure the deflationary structure of the winning token and add intrigue to the gameplay.

“Our players will be immersed in a captivating world of competitions, strategies, and cryptocurrency challenges. The reward system ensures constant interaction and encourages participants to actively participate and invest effort in the success of their clan and community,” says [OLD Conductor], the project’s founder.

We are confident that this combined event will become one of the most memorable moments in cryptocurrency history, and we invite everyone to join this magnificent journey!



Company Name: HAPPYTRAIN

Contact Name: Public Relation