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G.L.A.M. Program Helps Digital Agency Triple Revenue Despite Pandemic Challenges

Los Angeles, CA – Molly Mahoney’s G.L.A.M. program has been a lifeline for businesses who struggled to navigate the challenges of the pandemic. Ginna Tassanelli, a business owner, found herself facing an 80% loss of business, when her local brick and mortar clients closed due to pandemic restrictions. Ginna knew she needed to pivot her business towards digital and that’s when she joined G.L.A.M.

After almost three years in the program, Ginna’s agency, Hype Media, has grown from two people to 14 people. She’s doubled and tripled revenue each year, allowing Ginna to serve her clients at a higher level, choose aligned clients, and have more time for family and fun.

Molly Mahoney, social sales strategist, and founder of The Prepared Performer, provide support, real strategies, accountability, and inspiration to business owners who want to authentically sell using social media. The G.L.A.M. has helped Ginna and other entrepreneurs turn their challenges into opportunities, and thrive even in uncertain times.

“When the pandemic hit, most of our done-for-you clients – that were local brick and mortar to where I live – closed. So you can just imagine how freaked out I was when we lost about 80% of our business. It was then that I said yes to G.L.A.M.,” says Tassanelli. “In three years, we have gone from an agency of two, including myself, to 14 people. Not to mention doubling, and now tripling our revenue year to year. I am now able to actually serve my clients at a higher level, decide on the clients that I truly feel aligned with to work with, and have time to be present with my family, to have fun in my business.”

“It can be really scary and stressful for a business owner who finds themselves in circumstances out of their control – such as a pandemic,” notes Mahoney. “So many of our G.L.A.M. participants use our strategies to overcome these challenges, pivot, and see incredible results. I am so proud of Ginna and her success. She’s taken action in the most powerful way possible, and her results are the proof.”

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