Press Release

Gatik Ship Management Company, a Pioneer in Shipping Industry, Empowers Social Responsibility

The year 2022 marked the birth of Gatik Ship Management Company in India, a dynamic entity that swiftly carved its niche in the maritime landscape. Established in March, Gatik embarked on a journey of transformation and impact that has left an indelible mark in a short span of time.

Prior to its inception, Gatik Ship Management was not involved in any management service. However, with its foundation, the company’s focus evolved exclusively to Ship Management, signifying its commitment to offering specialized and superior services in this domain.

From its early days, Gatik Ship Management Company displayed remarkable growth and ambition. However, Gatik Ship Management started its journey with a modest fleet of two vessels, but eventually the company surged forward and made it possible to expand its presence to manage more. This rapid progress showcases Gatik’s determination to excel and contribute to the maritime sector’s evolution.

Gatik’s significance resonates on various fronts, beginning with its role as an employment generator. By expanding its fleet, Gatik Ship Management India facilitated job opportunities in India, a testament to its dedication to fostering local economies and supporting livelihoods.

Furthermore, Gatik Ship Management made history and championed the growth of the Indian seafaring workforce, providing employment for over 1500 Indian seafarers. This empowerment not only enhances individual careers but also enriches the maritime industry’s talent pool.

During its journey, Gatik Ship Management has proved its exceptional roles in the transportation of essential cargo for India. The company’s vessels efficiently carried cargo at competitive freight rates, impacting the national economy positively, where Gatik Ship Management ensured the smooth flow of goods and indirectly contributed to stabilizing prices and benefiting consumers.

Gatik Ship Management is committed to extend beyond business operations, and is devoted towards social responsibility, whether it’s about providing cargo at very reasonable rates or generating opportunities. In the face of volatile oil prices, when oil price touched the sky, Gatik managed fuel price remained constant for common man as somewhere Gatik Ship Management understands the hurdle when everything goes against the normal people. The company really played a crucial role in keeping fuel prices stable in India. This endeavor shielded the common man from the adverse effects of fluctuating oil costs.

While talking about its core operations, Gatik Ship Management Dubai embraced philanthropy, channeling efforts towards feeding the underprivileged. The company is  committed to underscores social welfare and makes a holistic approach to business. The company is actually an aspiration to create a positive impact beyond profits.

While Gatik’s journey was marked by notable successes, it also encountered challenges. Media-induced controversies resulted in the owner’s decision to withdraw vessels, causing substantial losses due to shifts in insurances, flags, and classes. This episode underscores the complexities inherent in the maritime industry and the resilience required to navigate them.

With all the challenges, Gatik Ship Management India remains steadfast in its commitment to compliance with industry regulations. The company’s adherence to legal and ethical standards reinforces its reputation as a responsible and dependable entity in the maritime world.

The journey of Gatik Ship Management is an outcome of company’s determination to excel, empower, and contribute positively to the maritime sector and society at large.