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Gilbert Crowns & Bridges For Lost Or Cracked Teeth: Restorative Treatment Update

The new service involves using fixed prosthetics to replace lost or broken teeth, restoring them to their full functionality. With a crown or bridge replacement from Snow Family Dentistry, patients will be able to eat and chew as normal.

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Snow Family Dentistry is conveniently located at 4420 E Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ 85206 and welcomes patients from Power Ranch, The Islands, Seville, Val Vista Lakes, The Provinces, San Tan Ranch, Spectrum and the wider Mesa/Gilbert area.

The clinic’s expanded service now includes both porcelain and ceramic crowns which are custom-made to match client’s natural teeth. With a variety of shapes and colors available, patients can rest assured that their new smile will look, and feel, “completely normal.”

Snow Family Dentistry provides crowns (a permanent prosthetic that covers one tooth) for patients with severe cavities or cracked and weakened teeth. They can also be used for cosmetic reasons, helping to create a more aesthetic smile for those with discolored or misshapen teeth.

The clinic also offers dental bridges for patients looking to replace multiple teeth. Following significant tooth loss, patients often find that the remaining teeth start to shift, tilting towards the open space. Teeth that move too much become loose and can lead to further tooth loss but with Snow Family Dentistry’s dental bridge service, clients can prevent shifting teeth and retain their smile.

Unlike dentures, both crowns and bridges should provide a permanent solution to lost or broken teeth. In the unlikely event that a patient’s crown or bridge becomes loose or falls out, Snow Family Dentistry is on hand to reattach or replace it. Doctor Snow, founder of the clinic, reminds patients of the following: “The best way to avoid problems with your crowns and bridges is to be diligent about proper oral hygiene, including routine visits to the dentist.”

Other dental restorative services offered by the clinic include dentures, fillings, dental implants and tooth extractions. For more information, please visit

The clinic prides itself on providing a comfortable and relaxing experience for patients, understanding that a trip to the dentist can often be anxiety-inducing. Through the use of their “full comfort menu” including massage chairs, music and pillows, the team at Snow Family Dentistry strives to provide every client with kind and compassionate dental care.

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