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GO – AI, VideoRemix Automated Social Media Content Creation Suite Launched

The new release provides business owners with a one-click video production suite powered by AI technology. The software has been designed as an all-in-one solution for creating videos, targeting leads, and sharing across social media.

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With the latest announcement, entrepreneurs can now optimize their marketing and lead generation campaigns with personalized videos – using data like first name and location to create more targeted and engaging offers.

The video creation process has long posed a significant challenge for many business owners and marketers. Traditionally, producing effective marketing videos requires extensive time and resources to write scripts, shoot footage, and edit content.

This results in a labor-intensive and time-consuming workflow that demands substantial creative expertise. Many SMBs and startups lack the budget and in-house skills needed to develop regular original video content for their digital marketing efforts.

GO – AI aims to democratize quality video production through its innovative automated solution. The cloud-based editor allows users to instantly generate videos tailored for platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, ensuring content resonates with each audience. After importing images, video, logos, and graphics, users can rapidly produce videos with dynamic calls-to-action personalized for individual campaigns.

The software also features a stock media library with a huge range of assets available through partnerships with leading providers like Pexels and Unsplash. Users can quickly find relevant visual assets to incorporate into their videos and complement custom footage. The software makes it fast and affordable for businesses to develop videos, allowing them to consistently engage audiences across social media.

At the core of the software is MAGGIE, an integrated AI assistant. MAGGIE uses advances in natural language processing to simplify workflows and enhance video results – and can monitor trending topics on Google to ensure video scripts remain timely and relevant.

A spokesperson states: “Unleash the power of artificial intelligence with GO-AI, your personal AI sales content creator. You can streamline your marketing efforts across all platforms. You’ll be able to make your videos more conversion-boosting, smarter, and engaging.”

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