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Gourmet for Good, out of the ashes rises new opportunities for Roscommon, Michigan

Houghton, Michigan Aug 21, 2023 ( – Uncommonly Good is a gourmet food and gift store in Roscommon, Michigan that was heavily damaged by fire on December 23, 2022. It has been a great challenge to bring back this historic site, while trying to address some of the social issues that are prevalent in northern Michigan. However, On August 19th, the grand reopening of Uncommonly Good also launched an additional community-driven business and community focused Non-Profit in northern Michigan. All businesses involved at the 407 Lake Street location are double bottom-line companies that contribute to the newly formed 407 Lake Street Foundation

The business owners collectively agreed to contribute a portion of revenue to the 407 Lake Street Foundation. The goal is to take a portion of earnings and use them for community development. The initial project being rolled out with the opening is a community matching for those in need to get projects done (i.e., snow shoveling for elderly residents) and for those who need or want to do community service. The group also has thoughts of providing a community youth art space. Tessier says, “as a juvenile court attorney, I see things kids need and what the community requires to support strong families, which stay and build opportunity locally.”

Additionally, a new initiative for remote workers was launched Fenix Co-Work This new hot desk facility is a new concept for the area but not nationally. Given the number of people who visit the area, and the number of people working remotely, is a key economic development for existing, future remote workers, visiting businesspeople and those who wish to start up a business in the area.

The initiative is headed by Brian J. Tessier, a long-time community activist and believer in business being a force for social good and change in a community. Tessier says of the events “It has been a challenge. We began with the simple idea of bringing healthy artisanal food to an area which has traditionally not been rich in food diversity but, saw the necessity of economic development in Northern Michigan.”

“All in all, those of us involved believe in community reinvestment and development. However, we need to address some basic issues that are solvable and then begin to make additional progress toward the vibrant caring community that we all see.”

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